Friday, October 20, 2017

Best Free Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience and Your Web Browser Security

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Google Chrome is a world's Top-Listed Web Browser and It can provide different types of apps and extensions for Google Chrome users. So if you use Google Chrome, you will definitely know about the extension and its work.
google chrome best free extensions
The Extensions is a way to make your web browser faster and add more advanced features. Here I suggest you some Google Chrome Extensions. If you use these then you will definitely increase your web browsing security and also fast your web browsing speed.

1.Block Site

block site chrome extension

The Block Site Extension is a good tool to block any website into your Chrome Browser. Through this, you can easily block any websites. Additionally, this extension has a password lock service which allows you to lock the service of your Block Site extension. In additionally, in this extension, you will get an adult control service through which you can also block Porn Content and other services. if you use Adult Control service then you will see one additional feature that is the 'custom list of blocked word' service. If you add a word to this service, then this service blocks any web pages when it finds the word you added. This Extension is available for free on Google Chrome web store. Speaking of user ratings, this extension is rated 4.51 out of 5. Which shows that this extension is Great.


grammarly chrome extension

The Grammarly extension is a very important for every internet users. Through Grammarly, the user can easily find grammar mistakes on his own written article and other text. The Grammarly extension easily notifies any issue like if you do not write the correct word then it will show red underline in this word. and suggestions you the correct word. Grammarly extension is available for free on Google Chrome web store. when you add this to your chrome browser then you will definitely like this extension.

The Grammarly extension is a very useful app on google chrome. If you use the free version on Grammarly, then you will use only basic features. But if you buy a premium version then you will use basic and advanced all features. The Grammarly is a great app that can detect any grammatical errors and solve them.

3.History Eraser

history eraser chrome extension

The history eraser is a good extension of google chrome and its work is pretty good. The History Eraser is used to delete all your browsing history on Google Chrome. It is also useful for clear/delete your saved password, local storage, application cache, download history, Cookies and Cache.

The History Eraser is available for free on Google Chrome web store. you can easily find History Eraser on Chrome web store and add it to your Chrome web browser. The History Eraser is made by HotCleaner Team. The History Eraser is available on Mozilla Firefox web browser too.

4.Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy - Unblock Sites

hotspot shield free vpn changer chrome extension

Hotspot Shield VPN is a free VPN Proxy useful for unblocking any sites. if you use other foreign websites which are blocks in your country, Then you will need this extension. In Chrome web store, many types of VPN available but it is best. The Hotspot Shield VPN is available for Android users too. Hotspot Shield VPN provided various types of a server for accessing any web services.

The Hotspot Shield VPN is available for free on Google Chrome web store. It is developed by hsselite Team (Hotspot Shield Elite). it is also available on the Android name as Hotspot Shield Elite apk. It is a most popular Application on Android and also Chrome too.

The Hotspot Shield VPN is provided different types of additional features like Ads Blocker, Cookies Blocker, Trackers Blocker and Malware Blocker too. You can easily use these additional features without any cost.


adblock chrome extension

The Adblock extension is a good way for blocking ads of any web page. Because Adblock can block every type of ads on web pages. In Chrome web store different types of ads blocker are available but the Adblock extension is a good choice.

The Adblock can be blocking youtube ads. So if you add Adblock on your browser then you can easily block youtube and other web pages ads.
Note : - The all above extensions are runs on Google Chrome and also available on Google Chrome web store. If you any problem please comment below. We will give you full support on the problem related to the Internet, Computer and Mobile.
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Monday, October 2, 2017

How To Block Any Websites in Your Computer or Laptop

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Many People is do not know about that How To Block Any Websites in Computer or laptop. there are many tips/tricks available to block any websites on the computer. in this article, I have given you some useful and genuine tips for block any websites in the computer. If you follow these tips definitely you have blocked any websites on your computer.

how to stop or blocked any websites in your computer or laptop

According to these tips, you can easily block any website on your computer. or you can also block these websites in a particular web browser Like - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and etc. once you block the website, then you can not access these websites on your computer. else if you want to re-enable blocked websites, you can easily unblock them.

Here are some tips below which you can easily disable or block any websites on your computer. if you are interested in blocking the website, then you can block the websites using these tips.

1.Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer is a default browser of Windows operating system. it is also available in all windows like - Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. but if you use windows 10 your default browser is the Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft Edge is a new web browser of Windows Operating System. This is only available in Windows 10 Operating System.

block the website on IE

If you use internal explorer to run the internet on a computer. and if you want to block a website in internet explorer. Then first you have to open internet explorer in your computer and go to tools and click the internet options. when you click on internet option then internet options panel is open, then select content and go to the content advisor and enable it and set up your content advisor. These tips work only windows 7.

Windows 8 

If you use windows 8 then you have easily blocked the websites on internet explorer. Firstly go to account and add a new under the local account and turn on family safety and finish the setup. after that go to search and type family and select the new child local account and set up web filters and block the website that you want.

Windows 10

If you use windows 10, go to setting and choose the account and click family & other user and add a family member and click on add a child and sign up a Microsoft account. when setup is complete then you can easily block the websites on child account using family safety.

2.Google Chrome

The Google Chrome is a world's popular web browser. It has been developed by Google. So if you use google chrome web browser then you have many features. The Google chrome is the best web browser in my experience because it can provide many types of chrome extension. you can easily signup more than one Google account. It means you can easily maintain your different Gmail or Google account in one web browsers.

block the website on Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome Web browser and want to block any websites. Then you have been not found any setting because Google has not provided any setting for blocking a website. But Google Chrome also provides different types of Chrome extensions for blocking a website. So choose a chrome extension and block any website.

In my experience  'Block Site' chrome extension is a best for block any website, it is available on chrome store. you can add 'block site' extension on your chrome and block any websites. when you add 'block site' extension on your Chrome then firstly you can set up your 'block site' extension password. after then you can add a website that you want to block.

3.Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser. it has been developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. It is available on Android, IOS, Mac and Windows operating systems. The Mozilla Firefox is a good web browser. you can easily customize your network proxy.

block the website on Mozilla firefox

If you want to block any websites in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Then you can not block any websites without extension. Because Mozilla Firefox does not provide website blocker own. So you need to add the extension for block any websites.

I have used 'BlockSite' extension for block any websites on Firefox. In my experience, The 'BlockSite' extension is a good way for blocking any websites.

How To Use

block the website on firefox

Firstly start Firefox and go to Menu and select add-ons and choose to Get add-ons and find 'BlockSite' and add it. After you successfully add, go to Extensions and click options on the BlockSite. After that, you can add websites that you want to block.

4.Block a Website in all Web Browsers

Many computer users do not know how to block the websites in all the web browsers. Because they want to keep his family member away from some websites. That is why they want to block the websites in all the web browsers.

If you want to block any websites on your all browsers. Then you can follow these steps.

block the website on all the browser
  • First, go to C drive.
  • Choose Windows and Find System32 Folder and open this.
  • After that, find drivers folder and open this.
  • and select an etc folder and open it.
  • now you can see host file.
  • open host file in notepad or notepad++.
  • and edit this host files.
  • add these code ( on end of this host files.
  • and save this host file.
  • Finally, you have successfully blocked the websites on all web browsers.
block the website on all the web browsers using host

So friends if you really want to block the websites in all web browser then you can follow the above steps and block the websites.
Note -  All the above mention tips are self-tested. If you still have any doubt or problems please do not hesitate to comment below. we will give you full support on the problem related to the Internet, Computers and Mobiles.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

How To Download Youtube Videos on Computer or Mobile Without Signing in

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Hello readers, Hope you all are well & good. This post is all about YouTube lovers, who loves to watch videos of any kind (music, news events, programs etc). And some of the time we don't have any internet source or data then what we have do? I you have enough storage to save your videos and Have you ever wanted to play video on your device without internet access? so now you are in the right place. I will describe some of the best websites by which you can download youtube videos directly to your computer or mobile phone. So guys now download YouTube videos and enjoy it when you are offline. so without wasting more time let's go through them and just pick your better one.
download youtube

All the websites are self-tested and easy to use some of them requires to download small size software in your computer and some are free to use just place your favorite youtube video URL and enjoy your video in anytime anywhere.

download youtube videos

One of the best and simple website to download youtube videos on your computer or mobile is I am using it since last 1 year and happy with it. You just need to make some change in your youtube video URL and after that you will be able to download video from youtube.

You can either go through the save from net website or before youtube on URL just place "SS" eg- , after that just hit Enter and It will automatically redirect you in their website.

This FetchVideo is also similar to website to the download youtube video in a very easy way. What you have to do, you can add "pwn" before Video URL eg- "" on their videos URL and hit the enter button and enjoy your free youtube video.

download videos on youtuvbe

When we are talking about free youtube video download I want to tell you another option to you, By you can also download youtube video. you just need to do is past the Youtube video URL to the web address, and after that select the video format and click on the Download button.
This is also a simple and easy website to download youtube video and it will allow you to change the youtube video format like - MP3, MP4, MKV etc

download videos on youtube

It provides you another simple platform to download free youtube videos in an efficient manner. But one thing you have to do is you need to download FLV software your computer otherwise you can only download the MP3 file. But after the software download, you can download youtube video in many video formats with a simple click. And if you want only mp3 file this will goes to be best for you guys.

youtube download

After some research on the internet we find this best YouTube video downloader and for download the video from youtube you need to install a small size extension to your browser and it allows you to more options to download videos. It will be automatically visible below to your video whenever you are playing on youtube and work on specific browsers in which it is installed.
Its extension is available for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. All you need to do is download the one for your browser and that is.

download youtube ciseos

With the you can simply download all new your favorite youtube video on your mobile or computer. If you bored of using old website and want to try the new website for youtube video download just go through the KeepVid website.
On the KeepVid website all, you need to do with it open the KeepVid site and save the video in your favorite address. After that, past the video URL and download video simply.

So that are some of the best youtube video downloading websites and all are working fine because we already tested them itself and then posting for you guys. if you still have any doubts and want any other kind of support related to technology and computer feel free to comment below.
we will give you all kind of support related to any problem on computer, mobile, and internet.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How To Reduce Background Internet Data Usage in Windows 10

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Hello Friends, If you use Windows 10 then you will also face internet data problems. Because Windows 10 is an also stay connected on the internet. Windows 10 Provides different types of features like live tiles, one drive and email and etc. In the Windows 10, you can not turn off Windows Update easily, It is the main fact of losing your internet data.

reduce your internet data usage

The Windows 10 is connected with internet. so if you use limited internet data or low internet data, Then you have to follow some steps. After that, you will be reduced your internet data usage. If you use other windows like Windows  XP, 7 or 8, then still your internet data is the loss, but not much faster than windows 10.

In this article I have provides you some steps for reducing your internet data usage. if you follow these steps definitely you will save your internet data.

If you face internet data usage problem, please follow the below steps -

1.Save your internet data using Set as Metered Connection ( only WiFi)

First of all, If you use a wifi internet connection then you can easily save your internet data using a metered connection. Because when you use a metered connection it automatically disables internet data for any further update.

How to Set as Metered Connections

reduce internet data usage

Start your computer and connect the WiFi internet data connection. After that, Press windows key and select setting and go to Network and Internet and select Wi-Fi, after then go to Advanced Options, after that, you will see the Set as Metered Connection Options, then turn it on.

When you turn it on, then you will definitely save your internet data usage.

2.Turn on Windows Defer Upgrades

If you use windows 10, there is an option to delay your windows new updates. if you on this option, then you can easily delay in your windows updates for several months. This option always helps you to reduce your internet data usage.


reduce internet data usage

Go to Setting and select Update & Security and choose Advanced Options after that you can see Defer Upgrades options. Then you can select the Defer Upgrades and save your internet data.
Setting > Update & Security > Advanced Options > Defer Upgrades

Windows Defer Upgrades are important when you do not upgrade your windows features without losing your security updates. That means, The Windows Defer Upgrades option doesn't delay your security updates. 

3.Turn off Live Tiles

The Live Tile is available on Windows Start menu. Live Tiles retrieve the latest news or information when you start your internet connection. these live tiles also use your internet data but not that high internet data. if you want to save little bit internet data too, you can turn off these live tiles.


reduce internet usage

Start your computer and press windows key or click on start bar, then you will see many live tiles. After that, select any live tiles which you want to turn off and press right click on your mouse and choose to Turn Live Tile Off. if you select turn live tile off option, then you will save your internet data.
Press windows key > choose live tile >  right click on your mouse > select Turn Live Tile Off

4.Turn off Automatic apps updates

In Windows 10, Applications become automatic updates through the Windows App Stores. if you want to turn off these options, follow the steps below.


Firstly, start your computer and Press Windows + S Key and type Store and open it. After that go to setting and turn off the 'Update Apps Automatically' checkbox. When you disable it, your apps do not update automatically.

Press Windows + S Key > Type Store >Go to store's Setting >  then turn off 'update apps automatically' checkbox

5.Disabled Background Apps

Some Background Apps also use internet data through which we receive email and other notifications. Some of these apps use high internet data. This is the reason that if you are using the internet on the network, you have to Disable them so that you can reduce the consumption of your internet data.
if you want to disable background apps. Please follow the steps below-


reduce internet usage

Go to the Setting and choose Privacy and select Background Apps, then you will see that many apps running on your background. you will easily disable any background apps using these settings.
Setting > Privacy > Background Apps

if you disable any background app, they will not provide any further notifications.

6.Stop/Disable any background services 

if you follow all the above steps but still you do not give a proper solution, then you will have to follow these steps.


reduce internet usage

Press the Windows + R Key (open run) and type the services.msc and hit the enter key, then here you will see all the computer's services. 
  • find the Windows Update service and Disable or Stop it.
  • find the Windows Store service and Disable or Stop it.
  • find the Background Intelligent Transfer Services and Stop it.
The above steps will definitely help to reduce your internet data use. because I have already followed all over these steps. so I am sharing this tips with you.

All The Steps are Below-
  1. Set as metered connection
  2. Switch on Windows Defer Upgrades
  3. Turn off Live Tiles 
  4. Switch off  Windows Apps Stores
  5. Turn off Background Running apps
  6. Stop or Disable your computer services (which use high internet data)
Note - All the steps are used in Windows 10. if you follow these steps on Windows 10, then you will be able to reduce your internet data usage.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

6 Best Way To Increase Your Computer's Processing Speed

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Hello Friends, this topic is to increase the speed of your computer. First thing, every men is dissatisfied with the Computer when he works slow. but he did not solve this problem without any reset or an OS format. but here below I have told you 6(six) ways to speed up your computer or laptop processing speed. Friends I use only windows operating system, so I have given you only windows tips.

boost your computer speed
Many people know that his computer is slow but he does not do anything. because they do not know how to fix it. That's why i have give you a solution to this problem. if you follow each step given below, then you can definitely increase the speed of your computer.

If your computer speed slow, follow these steps -

1.Check unnecessary application and uninstall it

If your computer is slow, then one reason may be unnecessary applications. so you can find an unnecessary application and uninstall it. because sometimes application does not work properly due to which our computer slow down.
boost your computer speed by uninstall unnecessary applications
First of all you will start your computer and go to the control panel and select programs and features. now you will see many applications here, now you can manually select unnecessary application from these applications and uninstall them.

If you uninstall unnecessary application, your computer will be free from unnecessary applications space, so that your computer will start working faster.

2.Delete All Stored Temp Files

Temporary files are automatically created when you start a computer or work with a computer software, so if do not delete these temporary files in a week or a day. then these temp files are stored in your hard drive or C drive and occupy more drive spaces.
boost your computer speed by erase all temp files
When your computer stored too many temporary files,  then these Temp files can work like a junk files. that's why these temporary files should be removed quickly so that your computer does not slow down.

Step 1

Press windows + R key and type %temp% and hit enter, then you will see many temp files, select all files and delete now. and after delete all temp files go to recycle bin and delete all files.

Step 2

Go to your main drive where stored your windows and choose the windows folder and select the Temp folder, after that you will see many temp files. you will delete these temp files manually which store more space.

Step 3

Use Disk Cleanup to clean all the junk files on your drives. To start these tool go to My Computer and right click on any drives which you want to cleanup, then select property and click General and select Disk Cleanup and start to cleanup your drive.

3.Defragment your each drive on your computer

Disk Defragment is very useful for your computer. the defragment also maintain your drive file structure. you can easily Defrag your hard drive using Disk Defragment tool. you can use windows default Disk Defragment tool or you can try a third party apps.

How To Use
boost your computer speed using disk defragment
Simply Press windows key + S and type Defragment and Optimize Drive and select this tool. now Defragment and Optimize Drive Tool is open and you can select any drive and optimize it.

4.Delete all your Browser Data

The Browser data can also slow down the speed of your computer. when you browse the files through the internet, then your browser makes a temporary files of your browsing data , but it can not automatically delete these files.
boost your computer speed by clean your browser history
If you agree to delete these temp files, you will go to your browser and simply press Ctrl + Shift + Delete Key , then you will see your browser data delete/remove option and simply click to clear / delete options and delete all your browsing data.

5.Scan Your Computer for detect malware and virus

Sometimes infected files can also slow down your computer speed. then you can remove the infected files on your computer using trusted antivirus software. the antivirus software is very usefull of any computer because antivirus software also detect and remove hidden spyware, malware and other types of viruses.
boost your computer speed using antivirus
Use a trusted antivirus software to keep the computer clean and virus free. you can buy a premium antivirus software for better performance.

6.Reset Setting / Restore a Computer

If you face the problem of slow speed even after following each of the above steps, then you will need to reset / restore your PC.
boost your computer speed
Simply press Windows + S key and Type Create a Restore Point and open this, then choose System Restore.and Restore your Computer.

Follow All These Steps Given Below - 

  1. Check unnecessary Applications and Uninstall it.
  2. Delete all Stored Temp Files.
  3. Defrag your hard drive.
  4. Delete all your Browser Data.
  5. Scan your Computer For detect malware and virus.
  6. Reset setting / Restore a Computer
after complete all process please Restart your Computer.
Note - All the Above Steps can be used in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10, which will increase the speed of your computer.
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